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We Only Offer Holistic Superpremium Foods

Holistic superpremium formulas are highest in nutritional value with the most whole foods and least fillers on the market.  These foods are often the most expensive price per pound and range from frozen raw, freeze-dried, lightly cooked (frozen or refrigerated), dehydrated, canned, and dry (including baked or extruded).  Holistic superpremium formulas provide greater opportunity to vary the diet of your companion animal with the same quality ingredients and formulations designed to support optimal health for the pet.  These companies are generally privately owned and provide superior products in comparison to other category brands.  Natural Pet Supply only carries holistic superpremium foods.

Dog Nutrition

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Key Benefits of Feeding Your Pet a Holistic Superpremium Food

  • No by-products, artificial preservatives, artificial colors, excess fillers or sweeteners. Yuck!
  • Holistic superpremium foods are more digestible so more of the nutrients are utilized. This means generally LESS poop is produced which means LESS cleanup for you! 
  • A holistic superpremium diet may be more cost effective than an economy brand over time because your pet absorbs more of the quality ingredients from the super-premium diets. 
  • Most importantly, feeding a holistic superpremium food can mean a healthier, longer life for your best friend!!!

Compare the Ingredients


Whole fresh meats or single sources of meat meal (i.e. chicken meal, lamb meal) 

✓ Whole grains 

✓ Whole fresh vegetables and/or fruits 


✓ Food fragments (brewers rice, flours, brans, glutens, etc.) 

Meat by-products 


Generic fats or proteins (“animal fat”, which can be just about anything, most often recycled grease) 

Artificial preservatives-BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin 

Artificial colors – Red No. 5, etc 

✓ Propylene glycol 

Sweeteners-Corn syrup, sucrose, etc. 

Compare to the Other Categories


Higher value brands often include some whole foods and less fillers. Premium pet foods are now widely available online, at grocery, superstores, and large chain pet stores and are usually corporate entities.


Prescription diets are available by veterinarian prescription only and useful short term for addressing certain illnesses.  The ideal goal should always be to restore the animal to a healthy state and cease the prescription diet, if possible, in order to return to a healthier diet that will provide greater nutrition from whole food sources and support a pet’s overall health.

Grocery / Superstore Brand

These are popular in the aisles of grocery stores, superstores, and large chain pet stores and often include

Food fragments (brewers rice, flours, brans, corn and wheat glutens, general run off from the human food industry, etc.)

Meat by-products


Economy foods are often the least expensive per pound pet foods on the market and include

Generic fats or proteins (“animal fat”, which can be just about anything, even recycled grease)

 Artificial preservatives – BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin

 Artificial colors – Red No. 5, etc.

 Propylene glycol

 Sweeteners – Corn syrup, sucrose, etc.