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Cats are carnivores, they thrive on meat, preferably raw prey including bones and organs.  Since that’s not always convenient or practical for the domestic house cat companion and our modern lives, today’s pet food market offers much for them in  superpremium and holistic categories, like:

  • frozen raw food,
  • freeze dried raw,
  • dehydrated,
  • canned, and
  • quality dry food.

Cats don’t need grains to thrive however can do well on a higher protein grain inclusive food provided the ingredient base is very high quality and sourced with no unnecessary fillers. Some good brands of cat food include Primal, Wellness, Almo, Orijen and many more. NPS has many to choose from and we can provide information on the differences between the brands to help you find the right fit for your feline family member.

To round out the holistic cat life, we also manufacture and produce an excellent line of natural cat litter, America’s Best Corn Cob Cat Litter by Vetbasis, ask about it today!

Key Benefits of Feeding Your Pet a Superpremium Food

  • No byproducts, artificial preservatives, artificial colors or sweeteners. Yuck! 
  • You will actually feed less of a superpremium food than an economy brand, so it costs you LESS money! 
  • Superpremium foods are more digestible so more of the nutrients are utilized. This means LESS poop is produced which means LESS clean up for you! 
  • Most importantly, feeding a superpremium food can mean a healthier, longer life for your best friend!!!