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Unlike cats, dogs are omnivores, meaning they can assimilate and digest a wide variety of ingredients to remain healthy.  Dogs enjoy veggies and fruits a bit more than the typical cat and can reach optimal health through a varied diet regimen including fresh clean meats, veggies, and fruits as well as some dairy products carefully chosen for the ingredient quality.  Holistic means looking at the dog’s entire existence – age, medical conditions, living environment, exercise opportunities, and especially diet.  Any one of these areas being highly out of balance can cause stress for the companion dog (or any pet) and can lead to lots of problems, most frequently (like humans) health issues.  All things considered, a healthy diet is the best foundation for your dog (and you).  This means choosing very high quality ingredients, companies with excellent production and ingredient sourcing standards, and varying the diet as much as the dog’s digestion will allow. Using different types of food in your dog’s diet rotation, such as raw, freeze dried, home or gently cooked foods, dehydrated, canned, and high quality dry kibble, can create a healthy dietary foundation contributing to a long and happy life.

Key Benefits of Feeding Your Pet a Superpremium Food

  • No byproducts, artificial preservatives, artificial colors or sweeteners. Yuck! 
  • You will actually feed less of a superpremium food than an economy brand, so it costs you LESS money! 
  • Superpremium foods are more digestible so more of the nutrients are utilized. This means LESS poop is produced which means LESS clean up for you! 
  • Most importantly, feeding a superpremium food can mean a healthier, longer life for your best friend!!!