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There are so many excellent supplements now on the market for our pets it can be mind boggling. When your pet faces a challenging condition such as medical, aging, or behavioral, supplements can be the catalyst for a higher quality of life. Depending on the condition currently occurring, we can help you select some excellent supplements at NPS to improve your pet’s overall health.  Many times, these supplements can compliment any traditional medical approaches being used for your pet.  Please don’t miss this important part of your pet’s holistic plan. Some good general supplements to consider for most pets include probiotics to help aid in a healthy gut for better digestion, colloidal silver a handy topical and internal immune booster and wound healer, oil supplements to provide extra omegas for skin and coat health as well as many other benefits. Some of our favorite vitamin and mineral supplements for dogs are Nupro and Liquid Health. Joint supplements are also a must for aging or highly active dogs to improve joint health, reduce inflammation and provide extra cushioning for aggravated joints. Some of our favorites joint support products include Vegetarian Glucosamine with HA, Ark Naturals, and Grizzly. And we can’t forget about herbs. Volumes have been written on the subject of herbs for animals and people. NPS has a great section of herbal tinctures used for a variety of conditions and we are well informed in directing you to single herbs that can be of great value to your pet’s holistic regimen.